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The Spirit of Thailand

Jessie Ingvalson, University of Minnesota

Creative Corner I:50 V:4

The following photos showcase the unique and important role of elephants in Thailand. This role is both celebrated culturally and protected by the government. The government provides free medical care for elephants. They have long been used for logging in the country, though some still remain in the wild. In contrast, elephants continue to be apart of Thai tourism and are at risk for poaching.

"The Price of Ivory"


"The Mahout"

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Maybe stress isn't so bad after all...

I came across this post from the SAVMA Facebook page from a Ted Talk about making stress your friend.  It caught my eye because of course, we are taught that stress has a negative impact always--we need to reduce stress in order to live longer, to be happier and healthier, and to overall improve our quality of life.  

However... how realistic is it to think that we can truly reduce/banish stress from our lives?  Especially for those of us in the veterinary profession, we are destined to be riddled with it from here on out.  So, take a peak, and remember that stress isn't necessarily bad, it just simply is.  Embrace it!


Alex Schauer, TVG Editor-elect



Welcome Alex Schauer to TVG Family!

A long time ago...

when The Vet Gazette was only a speck of dust…

when “The Facebook” was a mere idea in one man’s brain….

the SAVMA fates smiled down upon a young, future veterinary pathologist named, Alex Schauer.

They said, “She will be The Vet Gazette Editor one day, and she will bring an energy and fervor to the position that will be paralleled by none other.”

And so it was decided, she would bring forth much joy and embrace the creativity of veterinary students around the world.

Please join me in welcoming - from the University of Minnesota - Alex Schauer to The Vet Gazette family!!!

Learn more about Alex here!


For all the Gosling fans out there..

This meme was submitted by Chloe Evetts from University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. And since you have a fellow Ryan Gosling lover as the new TVG Editor-elect.. ya'll just gonna have to deal.




If I took words and I molded them
simply for beauty's sake
Would anyone call it a poem,
or am I only a fake?

A fake in a world I know not of,
I know so little at all
Am I more than the things that I've thought of,
more than my dreams beck and call?

I know so little of skills, you see
My mind a prison of play
One can build cities

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