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Peeping Tom and "Blind Cats"


Blind Cats


I have a little cat who’s blind from birth.

His name is Big (although he’s very small).

Sometimes he hears me, and he knows I’m there.

Sometimes he doesn’t know I’m there at all.

He seeks me in the air with nose and ears

But has no sight to tell him I’m close by.


I wonder if to him I’m like a god

Arriving as by magic from on high.

He talks to me in purrs; is he praying?

Sometimes I hear him crying out in fear

“Oh master why have you forsaken me?”

And when I say “I’m here,” I feel his joy.


He listens carefully to my command

“Dare not to steal that shrimp tail from my plate!”

Still a small paw streaks out, snatches it up

A simple creature’s original sin.

But when I trip over him, cause him pain

There’s no recrimination; I’m all good.


I give him little gifts, his cup is full

When I open the can he mews his thanks.

What thoughts must he ponder of my nature?

He loves me, he worships me.  Doesn’t he?

He thinks – surely he must – “How great thou art.”

He would see my face if only he could.


But no, in truth I know it’s no such thing.

Man is the animal condemned to think.


Natalie Toulme, University of Georgia

Entry, Creative Corner


VMLRP Program Accepting Applicants - up to $25,000 per year

Attention graduating seniors and recent graduates!! Do you have an interest in practicing with livestock and/or public health in designated veterinary shortage situations?
The 2014 VMLRP Federal Register Notice is now open for applicants through June 6, 2014.
CLICK HERE for details. 
or, go directly to the program website at:


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SAVMA Symposium 2014

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IVSA Group Exchange

Eleven Danish veterinary students from the University of Copenhagen visited the University of Florida CVM this past November as part of an International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA) exchange trip. The UF students will be visiting Copenhagen this May. The IVSA is an international association of which SAVMA is a member. While the US is an active participant in the IVSA meetings, this is only the second group exchange to take place in the US. During the exchange in Florida, students went to St. Augustine Beach, took a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld, went alligator "hunting" along Gainesville's nature trails, toured the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and a local animal shelter, visited a brewery, and ate plenty of barbecue at American parties. The American students are looking forward to visiting Copenhagen in May.