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The Vet Gazette is the official online journal of the Student AVMA. This publication serves as a creative outlet for students as well as a source of information regarding professional events, externship/internship opportunities, and scholarship/funding opportunities provided by SAVMA, the AVMA, and other organizations.

Amanda DiMascio, Editor

I am currently a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. For undergraduate I went to Clemson University, majoring in Animal Sciences and minoring in Music (cello). I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, but no I am unfortunately not a "horse person", though I do enjoy a good Kentucky Derby party (with Derby pie, mint juleps, and fantastic hats).

My interest in the arts is part of the reason I love running The Vet Gazette. Each call for submissions surprises me by how creative and talented my colleagues are. I am so impressed by both the knowledge and passion my fellow students have for issues facing veterinary medicine, and also by the artwork and hilarious stories I get to publish. The great variety of categories that the editors before me created lets me represent both the professional and slightly-less-professional side of vet students, which I love. My goals for this edition are to keep submissions and readership high- something that the previous editor Kyle Donnelly sustained throughout her term. I also want to advocate a more fluid use of the blog, so that you, the students, are less constricted by categories and can submit anything you’d like to share.

I am humbled to serve as your elected editor and I hope you enjoy reading the 50th volume of The Vet Gazette.