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The Vet Gazette is the official online journal of the Student AVMA. This publication serves as a creative outlet for students as well as a source of information regarding professional events, externship/internship opportunities, and scholarship/funding opportunities provided by SAVMA, the AVMA, and other organizations.


Stephen Marsh, Editor

Stephen pictured with Dr. Andy Roark at SAVMA Symposium 2015I am currently a Class of 2016 fourth year veterinary student at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. I grew up in Jackson, MS and then graduated from Southern Miss in 2008 with a degree in Communications. After moving to Houston, TX, I soon decided to pursue veterinary medicine. That brought me to Texas A&M undergrad to take the required prequisites for vet school and the rest is history! And I love spending time with my wife, Taylor, and three furry children.

I believe creativity is one of the most important traits for a doctor to have and I love the Vet Gazette because it celebrates the creativity and talents of our classmates and colleagues. My main goal was to start a Facebook page for The Vet Gazette to connect everyone instantly and easily, and we've already accomplished that! I want The Vet Gazette to be a "household" name at schools all around the country and I believe we will definitely increase readership and submissions over the next two years. Please become a fan of The Vet Gazette on Facebook today!!


Alexandria Schauer, Editor-elect

I'm a third year vet student at the University of Minnesota.  I'm a budding veterinary pathologist who wants to be a mad scientist some day.  In the future, you won't find me in practice, but rather in a lab somewhere. I love microscopy (don't laugh, it's like very miniature photography!), running, gardening, craft beer, and spending time with my dog Frankie.  I'm passionate about the science behind veterinary medicine, and is how I became involved in the field.  Being a part of the veterinary profession for the past two years has been an amazing and truly rewarding experience.  I've never met a group of people in my life who are so supportive and inspiring, and I can't wait to learn more about my colleagues by seeing your creativity and hearing all about your experiences. I hope to bring an element of personality and humor to TVG, and I'm super excited to be your Editor-elect!