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Shelob's Meninges

Winner, Foot in Mouth Disease
Charlie Cosimini, University of Minnesota




Winner, Creative Corner Category
Blake Miller, University of Illinois



Online Marketing Explained!

The following announcement is from the Partners for Healthy Pets. Read on for the summary of activities held at the Western Veterinary Conference, and stop by the Partners for Healthy Pets booth 365N to learn about the complimentary tools and resources they provide to build the importance of preventive pet healthcare in  practices. Those who take a one-on-one 5 minute tour of a single tool will be registered to win a Visa® gift card!
Hear Dr. Warren present Online Marketing Explained at the Western Veterinary Conference ( Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 6:00 – 8:00 pm Mandalay Bay, Level 3, Jasmine EFG) or log into the Partners for Healthy Pets Resources Toolbox at to learn how to establish or perfect your practice’s online marketing plan.
Pet owners’ prolific use of the web has forged a new opportunity for promotion and advertising within the animal health industry, one that is now the greatest mechanism for achieving enhanced client engagement and significant practice growth.
For all of the potential upside, it’s an opportunity that can feel both intimidating and overwhelming. To help break it down into a manageable game plan for veterinary practice, Partners for Healthy Pets and Dr. Michael Warren, a practicing veterinarian and certified online strategist, have partnered to create a veterinary practice-centric overview of all aspects of online marketing, including:
  • Perfecting your Message
  • The essential components of an Effective Veterinary Website 
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimization strategies
  • ROI Driven Social Media
  • Proactive Reputation Management.
The step-by-step approach is tremendously educational, but more importantly is aimed to offer strategies you can take away and implement immediately. The series combines video with worksheets and slides and is a lot of fun - delivered by a practicing veterinarian who writes, speaks, and consults internationally on improved client communication and engagement through online media. Dr. Warren is passionate about the topic and driven to share his unique combination of skills to help advance and grow the veterinary industry.
Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian and is committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Learn more about Partners for Healthy Pets and explore the Resources Toolbox at



Trivia Answer

What was the original name of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and what year was it formed?

The answer is the United States Veterinary Medical Association, and it was formed in 1863. Forty delegates from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, Ohio and Delaware met in New York at the first national convention of veterinary surgeons.
Congratulations to Kallie Kapitanek of Wisconsin and Kami Vickerman of Minnesota for being randomly chosen as winners from the correct entries!




The Latest Winners!

The following students were chosen as winners from the most recent submissions to The Vet Gazette, and will be receiving cash prizes for their work! Look for their submissions to be published in the upcoming weeks. After the winners and honorable mention submissions have been posted, we will continue by posting our other fabulous entries. Enjoy!

Melissa Andritz, Editor

And now...the winners!

Winner: Lauren Welker, Illinois

Life as a Vet Student
Winners: David Kim, UC Davis and Stephanie Silberstang, Cornell
Honorable Mention: Christopher Reeves, Auburn and Jacquelyn Horner, Georgia

Winner: Danielle Lindquist, NC State
Honorable Mention: Heidi Rivadeneyra, Tufts and Christopher Reeves, Auburn

Winners: Kallie Kapitanek, Wisconsin and Kami Vickerman, Minnesota

Winner: Sandy MacArthur, Florida
Honorable Mention: Shannon Palermo, UPenn and Keiko Petrosky, Tufts

Creative Corner:
Winners: Blake Miller, Illinois
Ashley Bredenberg, St. George's
Rena Smith, Mississippi
Elodie Huguet, Georgia

Foot in Mouth:
Winner: Charlie Cosimini, Minnesota
Honorable Mention: Sara Waltz, Virginia Maryland
Rebecca Donnelly, Cornell
David Kim, UC Davis
Lauren Sawyer, Kansas

SCAVMA Chapter with the most submissions:

University of Georgia