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SAVMA Travel Grant Winner

Shannon McCook, Tufts University

This is a scholarship awarded by SAVMA's Education and Professional Development Committee.  If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, check out the details here

The 2012 SAVMA Travel Grant really helped to ease the financial burden of my trip to the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin in August of 2012.  I have always planned to become a pathologist.  Having developed a keen interest in ophthalmology during my third year vet school course work, this externship experience was a natural fit for me.  August was a fantastic time to be in Madison - the weather was perfect and the people were warm and welcoming.  I stayed with the director of the COPLOW, Dr. Dick Dubielzig, and his wife, Doris.  During my stay at the COPLOW, I participated in daily resident histopathology training rounds and attended afternoon necropsy rounds.  I participated in mock exam sessions for the American College of Veterinary Pathology Board examination, which were incredibly helpful in planning for my future as a pathology resident.  I had the opportunity to view ocular histology sections from many different species of animals from invertebrates to primates, including a jumping spider, May fly, Cock-eyed squid, wasp, ostrich, western lowland gorilla, hippopotamus, Russian tortoise and a white rhinoceros.  To round out my comparative ocular pathology experience, I was able to attend weekly Ophthalmology rounds at the UW Medical School and sit in while they read out human biopsy cases.  All in all, it was a truly fantastic experience.  Many thanks to SAVMA for making it possible!



Entry, Foot in Mouth
Hannah Facey, Cornell

Everyone knows that when a cow begins to cough and poop at the same time, you should at least back up to avoid the projectile splatter. In one of my attempts to avoid this awful fate, I stepped on a ho and the other end came up and whacked me straight in the forehead. The farmer and his son nearly died of laughter as a purple golf ball sized swelling appeared on my head. 



Thoughts on Externships

Entry, Experiences
Carla Rodrigues, Ross University

As veterinary students, we have all spent the last few years refining our skills and knowledge base as best as we can to better facilitate our introduction into the ‘real world’ as doctors.  All the sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and true dedication, we are told, will all pay off. Although we all at one point or another are convinced we should be treated for Cushing’s disease, as our adrenal glands are on overload, we do, believe it or not, learn how to grow and transition from the student phase to the professional phase.

Whether we realize or not, a vital component of our progress through veterinary schooling, in addition to the admirable list of expectations, is our professional development.  Professionalism can encompass a wide array of meaning; but what it all comes down to is having the ability to handle a variety of situations, in a variety of different settings, with a variety of different people. This comes with time, experience and most importantly, exposure. What better way to combine variety and exposure than an externship!

This year I have set out on a few different trips seeking not only exposure, variability, and adventure, but expansion of my veterinary network and interaction with everyday veterinarians spending their days doing exactly what we have been aiming for these past few years.

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Entry, Creative Corner
Chelsea Wolfe, Western University



Entry, Creative Corner
Laura Purdy, University of Wisconsin-Madison