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American College of Veterinary Pathologists’ Annual Meeting

Entry, Experiences
Keiko Petrosky, Tufts 
The Tufts Veterinary Pathology Club sent four students from the graduating class of 2013, all members of the Pathology Club Executive Board, to Nashville, TN to participate in the 2011 American College of Veterinary Pathologists’ Annual Meeting. Drs. Rachel Peters and Jerry Lyons, veterinary pathologists at Above – from left to right – Tufts veterinary students Shannon McCook, Falon Gray, Keriann Casey and Keiko Petrosky explore Nashville at the ACVP meeting.Tufts, also attended. Keriann Casey attended the C.L. Davis Pre-meeting workshop on “Navigating The Vast Pink Wasteland of Neuropathology” on Saturday, December 3rd. Keriann Casey and Keiko Petrosky displayed posters at the meeting and all four of us attended the Student Poster Session on Saturday night.  On Sunday, we had a great time meeting students and faculty from other schools at the Veterinary Student Breakfast.  We attended several lectures Sunday morning, including the Mini-Symposium: Background and Spontaneous Lesions in Non-Human Primate Species Used for Drug Safety Studies and the Diagnostic Pathology Focused Scientific Session I.  During the afternoon, a few of us attended the Natural Disease Focused Scientific Session II.  Sunday night, we attended the Mystery Slide Review and Neuropathology Case Presentations.  
Monday morning, we attended the ACVP and ASVCP Joint Plenary Session: Vascular Function and Malfunction.  During the lunch hour, we attended the ACVP Gross and Microscopic Examination Slide Review.  During the afternoon, we attended the Meet the Pathologists: A Discussion of Careers in Pathology event and then headed over to the Veterinary Student – Resident Forum.  Monday night, we marveled at the Mystery Slide Review: Ocular Pathology session.  Three of us traveled back to Boston to catch up with classes and final exams on Tuesday morning, while one student was able to attend talks on Tuesday.
Among our favorite events of the meeting were the Mystery Slide Sessions on Sunday and Monday nights and the Veterinary Student – Resident Forum on Monday afternoon. One of our favorite cases from the Neuropathology Slide Session was the Bullnose Ray from the Shedd Aquarium, in which type II astrocytes clued the Human Neuropathologist, Dr. Hannes Vogel, into a problem with ammonia and water quality.  It’s always fun to be stumped by interesting cases, and the Forum was particularly useful, as many of us will be applying to residency next year.  We all felt so lucky to have the chance to speak to current residents and program directors as hopeful future veterinary pathology residents. Every one of us left the meeting reassured of our love for pathology and excited for our future careers!



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Tracey Stonebridge, Kansas State



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