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Meet your new SAVMA Global and Public Health Officer-elect

Scott Dudis

Hometown: Wyoming, Ohio

Description of duties: The GPHO and GPHO-elect try to ensure that the Student AVMA House of Delegates works in conjunction with the long-term vision of the OneHealth Project. The main component of this mission is to coordinate local OneHealth events at veterinary schools across the nation. With financial sponsorship from the GHLIT, we are able to provide funding support for many of these programs. The most recent themes have promoted awareness of rabies and vector-borne illness, and the upcoming theme is food safety & food security.


Fun fact: A friend and I were once stranded on an island while backpacking through Greece. We slept in a lean-to and shared one Toblerone for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. A small pack of dogs started following us, so we named them all. Later on the same trip, a bus dropped us off on the highway 10 miles from our destination, so we walked. About half way there, it started to hail (in October), and a Greek woman who spoke no English took us into her home, fed us dinner, and we watched what I surmise to be Greek soap operas for an hour until the weather cleared. I quickly learned how to say "thank you" in Greek.

contact: rsd65 [at] cornell [dot] edu


Milk Pirate Attack

Alicia Agnew

Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

Foot in Mouth Disease

This spring we were blessed/cursed with six sets of triplets of baby goats. With an average of 2.5 kids per adult goat, the adults were getting overwhelmed. When a doe would call for her kids, a swarm of ten to twenty would surge to her. We would often find a goat happily “nursing” four or five kids though you always wondered how that worked with only two teats.


Meet your new SAVMA International Exchange Officer

Julie Stafford
Home State: Alaska

Description of duties: There are really two big jobs that I
have as IEO. First I facilitate exchanges into and out of the SAVMA
schools for veterinary students. This means if you are interested in
going to a veterinary clinic or school abroad you should let me know
and I will help you set it up. Or if you have worked/externed with a
clinic in the US that you think was particularly awesome and would be
willing to host an international student let me know! Second I get to
travel to the IVSA meetings which happen twice a year. There I
represent SAVMA just as at our bi-annual SAVMA meetings I represent
IVSA. The IVSA meetings (Summer=IVSA congress and winter=IVSA
Symposium) happen anywhere in the world, this year they will be in
Norway and then South Africa, and they are super fun!

Goals for this term:

1. Communication with my IEO-elect so that you guys have twice the
representation and twice the exchange placement power!

2. Promotion of IVSA within SAVMA, so that everyone can be aware of the
opportunities available to veterinary students across the globe.

3 Updating the SAVMA international opportunities section of SAVMA's
website. I am aware that a lot of the info is out of date and very
little opportunities are listed on there. I would like to change that!

Contact: SAVMAIEO [at] gmail [dot] com


Meet your new SAVMA President-Elect

Elise Ackley
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

Position: President-elect

Description of duties: To become familiar with all duties and responsibilities of the office of the SAVMA President.

Goals for this term: Basically learn everything I can from Bridget in the next year!

Fun Fact: I was a competitive fencer back in the day

Contact info: elise [dot] ackley [at] gmail [dot] com


Future Plans

Becky Lee
UC Davis
Life as a Vet Student, Future Plans

For a long time, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian. The secret that none of my classmates know is that I was supposed to be a painter. Not a painter of fine art. No, a house painter. As a high school senior, I remember taking a career placement test to see how a series of multiple choice questions would determine my fate. Not to mention that it was a chance to be excused from P.E.
I stared at the computer screen and read the first question: ‘Do you like the outdoors?’ ‘Yes, definitely’, I thought to myself as I clicked the electronic bubble. ‘Do you find satisfaction in completing detailed tasks?’ Sure, I guess so. Fifty questions later, it was determined that my life calling was that of a house painter. Interesting. Very interesting. I’ve never painted a house in my life, I melt if I’m in the hot sun for more than an hour, and if you ask my friends to describe me, physical endurance is unlikely to be mentioned at the top of their lists.

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