Upcoming Topics

Note: Please attach pictures with any submission if possible or relevant.  Pictures should be sent in JPEG or GIF format. All submissions should be sent to savma.editor@gmail.com. Include your name, school, SAVMA ID number, and the category you are submitting the piece to (see below)

The deadline for submissions for the next issue of The Vet Gazette will be December 30th 2014 at 11:59 PST

*******We are having a logo competition and all SAVMA members are eligible! $200 will be awarded to the winning design. Read #9 below for more details!!*******


1. Cases and Abstracts:

Have you worked on a unique clinical case recently? Has your own pet been a puzzling case? Have you been involved with laboratory, clinical, or field research? We’d love to hear about your work! Send us your case report or research abstract - pictures are highly encouraged!

The author of the best submission will receive $100; 2 honorable mention recipients are awarded $20 each.

2. Creative Corner:

This category is for your artwork, photos, poetry, and other artistic/creative works. We welcome all arts, limited only by your imagination, and not necessarily vet-school-related. Please title your piece, or if you wish, specify “Untitled.”

If submitting images, please limit yourself to a maximum of three. The creators of the four best submissions each receive a $50 prize.

3. Foot in Mouth Disease:

Laughter is the best medicine, so share your funny experiences, jokes, poems, photos, or more with us! In this category, anything goes.

The funniest submission will receive $50; 2 honorable mention recipients are awarded $20 each.

4. Life as a Vet Student

Winter break and the holiday season are just around the corner! Does this time of year bring back any memories for you? Dog snag the Thanksgiving turkey? Cat topple over the christmas tree? Make your dad ill with "vet stories" you assumed were ok dinner convo? We want to hear about it! 


The author of the best submission will receive $100; 4 honorable mention recipients are awarded $20 each.

5. Trivia: 

Before receiving a veterinary degree from Cornell in 1984, this large animal veterinarian was a child star in an iconic movie centered around a chocolate factory. Can you guess who it is? Please send us your answer! 

Two winners with the correct answers will be randomly selected and awarded $20.

6. Experiences:

Tell us about some of your best experiences- vet related or not- that have been a meaningful part of your veterinary experience. This could include vacations, externships, employment opportunities, extracurricular activities, and more. How have they helped shape your unique path to a DVM or VMD? Photos encouraged with entries!

The author of the two best submissions will receive $50; 2 honorable mention recipients are awarded $20 each.

7. Overall Awards:

The individual with the overall best submission will receive an additional $100.

The SCAVMA chapter with the most submissions will receive $200.

8. Guidelines for op-ed pieces and letters to the Editor:

The authors of the first three submissions to be published will receive $20. 


The Vet Gazette is now accepting opinion articles on any topic.  Please limit submissions to articles written exclusively for The Gazette and not submitted to other publications. The topic is of your choosing, and you may decide to cover a subject that is not addressed in other areas of The Gazette, or make an argument that may disagree with an opinion held by others. In fact, opinions that contrast with those already presented in The Gazette are encouraged.  Feel free to include graphics, illustrations or photos that support your point.  Pieces will be chosen by their strength of writing and timeliness of topic, as well as relevance to the veterinary community. 

9. The Vet Gazette Logo Competition:

The Vet Gazette is beyond excited to announce our next creative endeavor!! 
Do you love coming up with new ideas? Are you good with graphic design or illustration? We want YOU, our SAVMA members, to design a logo for The Vet Gazette!!!!

We are offering $200 to the winning design that will be displayed on our website and on our Facebook page as the permanent profile picture.  Right now you’re probably wondering, “What should I create?” That’s for you to decide! All we at TVG ask is that the design incorporates SAVMA. I know that seems vague, but that’s exactly the point! We want you – our SAVMA members – to decide what The Vet Gazette means and how our logo should look.   
The final winner will be selected by the House of Delegates at the University of Minnesota SAVMA Symposium, March 2015.

Design submissions will be due at the same time as all other submissions for the next Vet Gazette edition due on December 30th.  This gives you two months including winter break to create something amazing!
Go forth and create!!


Letters to the Editor:

You may also submit a letter to the Editor, which should be written in response to a submission made to the most recent issue of The Vet Gazette (articles will be limited to those written in response to submissions published within the previous quarter).  Letters that will be selected for publish may elaborate on the pros and cons of a certain submission, and may be in support or against a particular editorial announcement (look for posts from SAVMA committees or tagged as SAVMA News as a source for your letters).

All submissions should be emailed to savma.editor@gmail.com. The deadline for this issue of The Vet Gazette is December 30th at 11:59 pm PST