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Feline Intestinal Obstruction and Chronic Anemia

Makenzie Wilder, Mizzou

Cases/Abstracts, Honorable Mention



 An eight year old spayed feline, who will be named Molly, presented with anorexia of two week duration, lethargy, and lack of bowel movements.  The cat was not current on vaccinations, flea, or heart worm prevention. Molly lived in a home with multiple cats and spent time both inside and outside. 


Molly was very lethargic during the exam but purred when palpated. She did not appear tender or agitated upon palpation of the abdomen. Her body conditioning score was one and her temperature was 100.1°F.  Molly was approximately 10% based on the clinical signs:  dry mucous membranes, lack of skin turgor, bilateral weak femoral pulses, and dull eyes which were shrunken in the orbital cavity. Also, her gums were white with a prolonged capillary refill time. Molly was covered in flea feces and fleas especially around the head and tail. 

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Pumpkin's Green Vines

Jenny Rae Jones, University of Georgia

Creative Corner, Winner



As the sun drifts away,

the scarecrows come out to play.

They dance and leap, through fall’s

leaf heaps.


Splendor is the autumn breeze,

flowing through the dying trees.

The full moon shines, on the pumpkin's

green vines.


The foggy forest glows, as the owl's eye shows.

Throughout the night, the scampering paws

and the bat’s flight.


The darkness through the wood,

as the ghosts sing as they should.

A beautiful autumn night, with only a little





Thao Vo, University of Wisconsin

Creative Corner, Winner


Self Portrait and Krasiva

Melissa Rothstein, UC Davis

Creative Corner, Winner

"Self Portrait"


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