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Humans of Symposium

What's one principle you try to live by the most?

"This is the best response you've ever gotten to this question."


Humans of Symposium

If you had never gotten into vet school, what would you be doing?

NFL analyst. 


Humans of Symposium

What was your greatest achievement?

“Make sure you always tell ‘em you peaked in elementary school... This one time in elementary school, there was a tetherball tournament and I won and I had to beat a sixth grader in the final round... I was in fourth grade.”


Humans of Symposium

If you could fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck, which would you choose? You can have one weapon but it can't be a gun.

"I'll fight one horse-sized duck with a…"

"Huge french fry because ducks really love french fries."

"Yes! french fries have too much salt and it makes their stomach explode."

“Wait is it the salt or the bread?”

Wait, so what is the reason a french fry would kill the duck?

“Because it would distract the duck... and salt. Salt toxicity”

“Are you sure it’s not the bread?”

“I’m pretty sure the proteins in the whole-wheat gives them angel wing syndrome. It’s when they have dorsally displaced, deformed wings”


Humans of Symposium

If you could describe your life with the title of a famous movie, what would it be?


What does that mean?

“My life is layers upon layers upon layers. It’s a dream within a dream within a dream?”

Wait, which one is it?

"Both, it's the same thing"

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