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The Commute

Vanessa Walthall - Florida

V:50 I:4 Creative Corner


The Commute


Spring days the old licheny red buds bloom purple



A watchful eye over the nitrogenous green pond

catches glimpses of great blues, little blues, cormorants, an alligator. 


Summer afternoons cattle chew their cud

in the shade of sprawling live oaks.


Humid mornings the air is heavy with the dank smell of swine.

An osprey keeps a look out from its nest atop the grain elevator.


Breezy days a sweet acrid smoke drifts across the path

as the beehives are being worked.


Bald cypress and pignut hickory glint gold in the sun.

Fall comes late in Florida. 


Winter mornings the cattle are invisible

blanketed by a cold fog.


They share their pastures with the sandhill cranes

hundreds chortling, probing the soil, dancing.


Home, I open the door

a cat tries to sneak out while a dog propellers her tail and sniffs my pants,



Who did you meet and treat today?


Most days, six miles, four years becoming a vet, 1200 miles peddled, 

this is my commute.



Partners For Healthy Pets

Practice Makes Perfect…Stay in the Know! 



Many of you reading this aspire to work in a private practice.  As a student, your head is stuck in the books and many of you have not had as much opportunity to work in a practice as you would like but don’t worry you’ll get there!   In the meantime, we have just the solution to keep you in the know…Pet Wellness Pulse.


Pet Wellness Pulse is a very active Facebook page created by Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), a coalition of the AVMA, AAHA and other leading animal health companies created to ensure patients receive the preventative healthcare they deserve through regular veterinary visits. To help veterinary practice staff address the unique challenges that they face daily, the page features industry tips, medical information and ready-to-use posts to share with their team and/or clients.  These posts are meant to engage clients and practice staff while driving preventative healthcare visits and practices love it!


Launched in April of 2015, Pet Wellness Pulse has over 40,000 growing fans and has reached more than 45,000 people!  Don’t be the last to know…Join the rest of the veterinary industry and your peers by liking Pet Wellness Pulse today!


For more information about PHP and the variety of resources available, visit





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From the Editor: I love this category!!!


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Carrie Howe - Minnesota



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Sunbathing Buddies

Nicole Mikoni - UC Davis

V:50 I:4 Creative Corner



Sunbathing Buddies






To the West





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