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Priapism in a Thoroughbred gelding associated with metastatic S. equi infection

This was such a unique case study, we just had to give it an award.


Kristina Simmons Baltutis - NC State

V51 I1 Cases/Abstracts Honorable Mention



Priapism in a Thoroughbred gelding associated with metastatic S. equi infection

K. Simmons, E.A. Coffman, T.M. Beachler, K. McKelvey, B. Breuhaus, C.S. Bailey

Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

A 12-year-old Thoroughbred gelding presented to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine for acute priapism and weight loss.  A physical exam was unremarkable except for poor body condition (BCS 2/9) and complete protrusion of the erect penis. The penis was reduced into the prepuce following irrigation of the corpus cavernosum with heparinized saline, injection of 10 mg of phenylephrine into the corpus cavernosum, and manual massage using nitrofurazone and DMSO ointment.  A purse string suture and penile sling were placed to assist in penile retention and support.  The erection recurred approximately 8 hours after the procedure, and treatment was repeated. The purse-string was removed after 48 hours due to superficial trauma. The penis remained moderately erect throughout hospitalization and was treated conservatively with a sling to prevent edema, application of tetracycline wound ointment, and hydrotherapy.  Diagnostic procedures to pursue the weight loss included thoracic and abdominal ultrasound, complete blood count and chemistry, urinalysis, urine culture, rectal biopsy, andStreptococcus equi ELISA. Urinalysis revealed 2+ hematuria and pyuria, likely due to preputial inflammation. The serum ELISA assay for S. equi returned strongly positive (1:25,600), consistent with metastatic strangles abscesses. Treatment with trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole (TMS, 30 mg/kg PO BID) and rifampin (5 mg/kg PO BID) was instituted for 8 weeks based on evidence that rifampin may prevent resistance and improve efficacy of the TMS against Streptococcus spp. sequestered in abscesses. At recheck examination seventeen weeks after discharge, the gelding’s BCS was 5/9 and his priapism had improved, although the penis still protruded from the prepuce two inches at most times. Thirty weeks after discharge the animal had returned to a normal weight and the priapism was completely resolved.  Priapism is rare is horses, especially geldings, and there are no reports of priapism secondary to metastatic strangles.


Mime Artistry 

A message from Yamamoto Makoto (Tufts) regarding his Creative Corner Award winning submission:

"The link below is the Official music video of the local artist in Boston, Alissa Musto. I starred as the main character who is a mime in the video. The title of this piece is 'Black Flak.'"


Our Favorite Question

by Riley Shugg - Florida

V51 I1 Foot in Mouth Disease Honorable Mention

Since we are students hoping to be vets,

A question we get a lot is “what is your favorite pet?”


We will all take a second or two to rack our brains,

For how could we choose just one without much pain?


Soon enough a light flicks on within out mind,

And the rest of the Animal Kingdom is left behind.


The excitable of us will choose a dog,

Loyal, energetic, and always up for a jog.


The thoughtful minded might pick the feline,

A companion for a night in with a book and glass of wine.


The rugged souls would only have one pick of course,

Unable to resist the wildness and power of a horse.


A salty sunburned group always the whale,

Ready to spend hours among the waves for a flicker of a tail.


The worldly bunch, well traveled and up to roam,

Will swear that the silhouette of an elephant is what they call home.


Then there is the favorite that makes the rest of our stomachs ache,

That small group of people who insist they love the snake.


Of course by now you must be wondering,

What is the author of this poems favorite being?


My pick is quite strange and although I try,

I just can’t stop thinking of my dearest Bot Fly.


Mervet Student

by Chelsea Highfill from Oklahoma State

"Life as a Vet Student" Category Award Winner

My unconventional hobby is that I'm a mermaid. I primary am hired for little kids birthday parties, however I also participate in the Muskogee Renaissance fair every may. It takes a bit of training in both core and endurance so it requires some time spent at the Gym. I have had the privilege of swimming in the waters of; Belize, Mexico, Honduras, France, Florida, California, and the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy. I love being a mermaid because I bringing such joy and amazement to children I meet.


From Vet Student to Superhero... 

"Life as a Vet Student" category award winner Holly Abney - UC Davis 

There is a hidden world out there with artists who bring their love & enthusiasm of all things geeky to life through cosplay. Whether it’s creating the costume from scratch, altering second hand clothing, or getting into character through special effects makeup, cosplayers spend a lot of time and effort on their craft. My name is Holly Abney, I’m a third year vet student at UC Davis, and I am a cosplayer.  


The childhood I grew up in was the perfect breeding ground to create a cosplayer.  My mother had been making me Halloween costumes since I was 2 weeks old.  I remember coming up with crazier costumes every Halloween throughout my childhood, just to see if there really was nothing my mother couldn’t create! She and my grandmother are both amazing seamstresses, and I spent my summers at my grandmother’s house learning to sew from a very young age. My father had his own role in the recipe, as he had exposed me to a lot of geek culture as a kid. We watched every superhero movie together, played video games for hours, and shared a strong love for Batman. As I got older I found myself making costumes and playing dress up as regularly as possible.  Then I attended my first convention in 2009 (in costume even!).  It was love at first sight, and I felt like I was home.  Since my first convention I have been sinking deeper into the cosplay world. I have made nearly twenty hand-made costumes, nine of which I made while attending vet school!

Finding the time to create costumes while going to vet school has proven to be very challenging, and it has been difficult to attend the conventions that I used to frequent.  Cosplay, however, has helped me with vet school by being a stress relieving creative outlet.  I also hope that being a seamstress gives me an advantage in surgery! My first neuter is happening in three days, so keep your fingers crossed for me! 

If you would like to check out more of my costuming work please visit my cosplay page on facebook.

Photography courtesy of Lucky Monkey Photography and Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.

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