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Pirates of the Caribbean FTW

Nailed it.  Thank you Lara Stephens-Brown from Minnesota!

Neoplasia naming rules:


When the first years get let out early but you're stuck in class until 5...


Life's a Piece of Cake

Hello all, 

My name is Gabriella Iannuzzi and I would like to introduce to the creative art of baking. I started baking when I was in high school and fell in love with it. As I continued to bake, my skills and creativity grew. I began working with materials such as fondant and gum paste and really began to let the creative juices flow. Unfortunately, I am only able to share 4 of my cakes but I hope you enjoy them. Veterinary school is very tough, and baking allows me to forget it all and just focus on the masterpiece I am trying to create. It may take me hours to complete one cake, but I wouldn't trade the hard work for anything! Hopefully when I retire from being a vet, I will open my bakery =]. 

The pink cake is a cake I made for my cousin's baby shower. I decided to give the cake a tufted look, and for a topper I made adorable little booties (P.S. I sculpted and made each of the flowers attached). The The Hawaiian cake I made for a client's 50th birthday party. All the piping work was done by me and the chocolate seashells. The multi-tiered cake with the different themes was a cake I made for another client's 50th birthday. This cake was my favorite because I had the opportunity to encorporate all of the interests of the client. I also decided to put LED lights in so it lit up in the dark. The little mermaid cake (also a favorite) was for a clients daughter. She loved the little mermaid so I decided to make the cake look as under the sea as possible. Hope you enjoy my cakes =].


A little meme for your morning...


heheh.  Submission by Joseph Swartz - Texas A&M


The Tale of Mack and Opsonia: An Immunology Love Story

submission by Wilson Chung - Atlantic Veterinary College

"There is a disease upon this world, Mack. We have to do what we can to save it."

"I know that. I've fought the invaders before. But this time is different...I can't see any of them. None of the phages can."

"But I can." Opsonia stepped forward. "I can see them, and I can show them to you. Then you can destroy them, and this world may yet live on."

"You would be killed in the process. I can't do it. I won't."

"This is what I was made to do, Mack." she said, her voice growing soft. "If I don't act, the world as we know it will end."

"I don't care, Opsonia. I don't care if the world crashes down and we die here. As long as we're together." Mack said. Opsonia smiled sadly.

"You have to live on and keep fighting. And you'll find another. Someone young and wild who will love you even more than I."

"I care not for those reckless lymphomaniacs. I love only you, Opsonia. We complement each other so well."

"...I know."

They drifted together in silence for several moments.

"There." Opsonia's eyes widened. "There's one of them. The invaders."

"Don't do this. Please."

"I have to." Without another word, she ran towards the foreign entity.

"Opsonia! Don't!" Mack chased after her, but could not keep up with his great size. He watched in horror as she stopped suddenly and presented the invader to him.

"We always knew it would end like this, Mack." she said, eyes glistening.

"I can't. Opsonia..."

She was bound to the invader now; there was no turning back.

"Do it, Mack. Do it."

He embraced her, gently, and blinked back his tears.

"I love you." she said softly. He continued to wrap himself around her, then the invader, completely engulfing them. Soon he could feel them both being undone.

"I'm sorry." he whispered.

The world continued to flow around him.



T'was the Night Before Finals

Submission by Shanna Johnson from Cornell

1  T’was the night before finals, when all through the house

2  no one dared disturb them, not even a spouse

3  Stacks of class notes, highlighted with car

4  old sweatpants going on their sixth day of wear

5  The good kids are already snug in their beds

6  while flow charts and flash cards dance in their heads.

7  Others are cramming their strained thinking caps

8  ...and some jolt awake from unintended naps.

9  Meanwhile you sit there, running short on good humor,

10  berating yourself for not starting sooner.

11  It all seemed more manageable just one week ago

12  Who knew that the going would be quite this slow.

13  If only you didn’t succumb to the need

14  to indulge in facebook, NetFlix, and Buzzfeed!

15  Or all of the goodies you procrastibaked,

16  which in more ways than one were unhealthy mistakes.

17  Sometimes that’s just how you can cope, I suppose

18  when trying to sip from the full-blast firehose.

19  Lament your poor icebergs, whose penguins have gone

20  (though honestly, some just never made it on).

21  This is way too much for one mind to remember

22  and you feel like you burnt out way back in September.

23  But tonight you persist with the mental jujitsu

24  as you question the value of your learning issues.

25  Because you know that you need a solid foundation

26  to make a reality of your aspirations.

27  So bring on the sundry sources of caffeine,

28  and redefine your standards for “clean,”

29  tackle complex concepts in logical groups,

30  and wade through the jargon alphabet soup.

31  Now with your resolve strengthened anew

32  you start planning what’s left for you to get through.

33  When from your kitchen there arose such a clatter,

34  you swear softly and go to see what is the matter.

35  Down the hallway you flew like a flash

36  to determine what was the source of the crash.

37  You flipped on the switch, and the dim glow

38  illuminated the crime scene below.

39  In the midst is your pet, who should feel disgrace

40  But no regret can be found in their smug little face.

41  Some part of you wants to scream off your head...

42  but you sigh and begrudgingly cuddle ‘em instead.

43  Because you know at the end of the day,

44  it’s their antics that keep true insanity at bay.

45  They’re always a welcome source of distraction

46  When you really need non-judgmental interaction.

47  (Seriously though, I know that it’s tough

48  To constantly feel like you aren’t good enough.

49  But there are plenty of us here in the vulnerable zone

50  even when it feels like you’re stuck here alone.)

51  So loosen up little soldier; be at your ease.

52  It’s true what they say: B’s and C’s get degrees.

53  Dress comfy, eat something, other good rules of thumb

54  can prep you for when the dreaded hour has come.

55  When you take a deep breath and enter the room,

56  and try to shake that sense of impending doom.

57  A wave of tension sweeps through your neighbors

58  as they start handing out thick packets of papers.

59  You stretch out your neck and clear out your thoughts

60  as you settle into that perfect test-taking spot.

61  The time has come now to swallow your fright

62  Good luck to all, let’s give ‘em a good fight! 

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