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When You Let Me Go

Teigen Bond - Atlantic Veterinary College

V:50 I:4 Creative Corner Winner


When You Let Me Go

You have the power to let me go, the privilege to give me one last gift – a tribute to our everlasting bond. When you pick up your car keys in one hand; and reach for my leash with the other, I know that the time has finally come. 

I've been ready for this for a while. We both knew it was only a matter of time. Every day it gets harder to breathe, my lungs wet and heavy, weighed down by tumours. I am drowning on dry land, my body rebelling against itself – a civil war where the only casualty will be me.

You open the front door one last time for me, and I wobble unsteadily down the steps towards the car. Good-bye roses, that prick my nose when I sniff you. Good-bye grass and dirt, where I used to dig. Good-bye yard; and house, car and chew bone. Good-bye cat and rope toy and comfy little bed.

I stick my head out the window, feel the sun caress my ears, my tongue tasting the wind, heavy with pollen and asphalt.

I struggle not to trip as I climb the clinic's steps, knowing this is the last time you will see me walk. I don't want you to remember me like this, my body an empty shell of what it used to be. I want you to remember me healthy, my coat and teeth gleaming, my legs flying as I race after a bright red Frisbee. I want you to remember me happy, sleeping beside you on the couch on lazy Sunday afternoons. I want you to remember all the good times we had.

You kneel down before me, petting my head. I stare at your beautiful face, the one I have licked for years. The one that tells me I am a “good boy”, the one that kisses me at bedtime. My tail thumps weakly and I try to smile, remembering how that used to make you laugh. You stare long and hard, etching my face into your memory. You don't have to worry – I know you won't forget. I know I could never forget you, no matter what happens next.

I suck in a breath at the prick of the needle, then sigh at the smooth cool feel of the drugs. My eyes drift closed as the drugs calmly and quietly flow through my veins, pumped around my frail body by my failing heart. If there is life after this, I will wait for you. I will once again sit at the door, waiting for you to walk through it, my leash in my smiling mouth.

You whisper good-bye, and I give you one last kiss. The veterinarian, whom I used to hate so much, now looks like an angel in her starched white coat. I smile at her. I hope you both know how much this means to me. There is no other way that I would rather go. Now surrounded by love I will leave this earth - believe it or not, it is a good day to die.


Bluebird and Friend

Stephanie Bowes - Florida

V:50 I:4 Creative Corner Winner



"Bluebird and Friend"


2nd Place Best Overall Submission!!!

Johanna Phillips - Florida

Foot in Mouth Disease - 1st Place Winner

Best Overall Submission - 2nd Place Winner


From the Editor: This is just awesome and funny.



Best Overall Submission!!!!

Note from the Editor: This is an incredible video. I hope that, as a future veterinarian, you appreciate watching it. It may even be beneficial to show pet owners who have recently received news of this diagnosis on their own pet. If you enjoy this video, please share it with your friends and leave feedback on the youtube page or on The Vet Gazette Facebook page.


Morgan McMillan - St. George's

V:50 I:4 Overall Best Submission and 1st Place Experiences Winner



Volume 50: Issue 4 Winners!!!

From the Editor: We received a record number of submissions from over 200 people, representing 29 different schools. Judging and giving awards was incredibly difficult with so many great submissions. Please keep sending us your submissions!


The school with the most overall submissions was.... Minnesota!!!!! 


Best overall submissions: 

 1st Place: Morgan McMillan - St. George's

2nd Place: Johanna Phillips - Florida



Jiaqi Li - LSU

Jaclyn Gosliga - Western

Lucy Chou - Ross


Creative Corner Winners:

(Editor's Note: We had so many that we liked that we divided the monetary awards into 6 Winners and 4 Honorable Mentions so we could give out extras!)


Joseph Zarin - UC Davis

Teigen Bond - Atlantic

Anna-Marie Ruoff - Western

Stephanie Bowes - Florida

Megan Sullivan - Florida

Rosalie Ierardi - Illinois


Honorable Mentions:

Stephanie Skinner - Kansas State

Lindsay Oksenberg - St. George's

Melissa Sigg - Ohio State

Abaigeal Mleziva - Wisconsin


Life as a Vet Student (Veterinary Memes):

Meme Winners:

Joseph Swartz - Texas A&M

Rikki Schroeder - Colorado State

Ann Abress - St. George's

Tony Nitido - Western

Eric Littman - Tufts


Foot in Mouth Disease:

1st Place: Johanna Phillips - Florida (2nd Best Overall) 

2nd Place: Tom Wootton - Cornell 

Honorable Mention: Ellie Engelen - Minnesota 

Honorable Mention: Gongjoo Paik - Illinois



1st Place: Morgan McMillan - St. George's (1st Place Best Overall) 

2nd Place: Sophie Liu - Cornell 

Honorable Mention: Emma Svenson - Wisconsin 

Honorable Mention: Nikki Becich - Tufts



We had two submissions tie for 1st Place!!!

 1st Place (Tie):

Caitlin Lennon - Western 

Natalie Dennis - St. Matthews 

Honorable Mention:

Alexandria Schauer - Minnesota